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Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Students

Clubs and Societies

The Office of the Dean of students has successfully registered four societies and twenty two clubs. Joining a club or a society helps students to gain knowledge, skills and experience in leadership, communication, problem-solving among other areas. The membership cuts across different schools and Departments. The clubs are unique and dynamic with different objectives geared towards societal change, transformation and molding of its members as it seeks to equip them with soft skills that they can use to navigate through life. The clubs are based on different themes such as religious and spiritual, talent, empowerment, community service, media and theater, innovation, and academic/educational.

1.    University of Embu Christian Union
2.    Young Catholic Society
3.    Seventh Day Adventists
4.    Embuni Muslim Organization

1.    University of Embu Drama and Film Production
2.    E-sparks Crew
3.    Oasis Club
4.    Language and Journalism
5.    Young Thespian Society
6.    Chama Cha Kiswahili Cha Chuo cha Embu
7.    Young Women Empowerment Club
8.    G-BAMBE club
9.    UoEm Peer Counsellors
10.    University of Embu Red Cross Chapter
11.    Falcon UoEm Scout Movement
12.    University of Embu Adroit Group
13.    University of Embu Fire Marshal Club
14.    Environmental Club
15.    Business Students Association
16.    University of Embu Chemistry Club
17.    Society for Young Scientist
18.    University of Embu Statistic Club
19.    University of Embu Great Farmers Club
20.    University of Embu Equity Leaders Club
21.    University of Embu Lexus Club
22.    Kenya United University of Embu Chapter Club

Counselling Services

To enable students to make daily life adjustments and/or cope with major emotional difficulties, the office of the Dean of Students maintains a counselling service. Read More

Chaplaincy Services

The University is committed to meeting students’ spiritual needs and offering pastoral care through the Chaplaincy Office. Read More