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Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Students

Clubs and Societies

The university has 9 registered clubs and 4 societies


  1. Redcross, University of Embu Chapter
  2. euPeers club
  3. Business Students Association (BUSA)
  4. Environmental Club
  5. Eagles Scouts Movement
  6. E-Sparks Crew
  7. Oasis Club
  8. Adroit Club
  9. University of Embu Agricultural Association
  10. Society of Young Scientists
  11. Chemistry Club
  12. Language and journalism club
  13. Young Thespians Society
  14. UoEm Statistics Club
  15. UoEm Drama and Film Production Club
  16. Chama Cha Kiswahili cha Chuo Kikuu Cha Embu (CHAKIE)
  17. Equity Leadership Programme Club
  18. Sky dreamers


  1. Christian Union (CU)
  2. Embuni Muslim Students Organisation
  3. Seventh Day Adventist (SDA)
  4. Young Catholic Students (YCS)

Counselling Services

To enable students to make daily life adjustments and/or cope with major emotional difficulties, the office of the Dean of Students maintains a counselling service. Read More

Chaplaincy Services

The University is committed to meeting students’ spiritual needs and offering pastoral care through the Chaplaincy Office. Read More