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Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Students

Our Specific Roles

The specific roles of the Office of the Dean of Students are to:
1.    Represent students' needs to the University management, staff and other Departments as well as transmit the University’s needs, regulations and guidelines directly to the students.
2.    Guide the formations and Registration of student Clubs and Societies
3.    Coordinate chaplaincy services, spiritual guidance and pastoral care
4.    Administer a number of students financial assistanceprogrammes e.g. HELB,CDF, Scholarships, Exchange programmes, financial aid and other support programmes for students in need.
5.    Counsel students with academic, social and other problems by helping the student in direct referrals or in communication with the respective Department.
6.    Process leave-out requests
7.    Student entertainment requests
8.    Responsible for students discipline, Judicial Affairs and the implementation of the Student Code of Conduct.
9.    – Investigate charges, take statements, interrogate witnesses and make recommendations on sanctions to be imposed.
10.    Overseeing the running of the student center operations
11.    Student leadership and governance through EUCSA - Oversee students Elections and running of the students leaders council. Assist the students to manage the students’ organization finances and be a signatory to the students organization account.
12.    Liaise with other departments that provide students with services such as Accommodation, Catering, Health Unit, Sports and Games, Wardens and others to ensure that students get quality services.
13.    Liaison with parents, police, sponsors, community and other stakeholders on all matters relating to students.
Our staff is vested in the success of each and every student, from orientation to graduation, and we invite you to access us as partners in assisting with student success!
Thank you,

Counselling Services

To enable students to make daily life adjustments and/or cope with major emotional difficulties, the office of the Dean of Students maintains a counselling service. Read More

Chaplaincy Services

The University is committed to meeting students’ spiritual needs and offering pastoral care through the Chaplaincy Office. Read More